Grand Plans

I h ixad grand plans for my birthday. I took a big swing and asked to speak at my church. I have only done this three times in my life. They all came in this season. I turned to the idea of doing a video. It dawned on me I am tired of myself why would I do a video. So I am writing this simple note to leverage my life on my birthday. God is real and I hope you have dealt with that fact. Jesus demonstrated His love while you are at your worse. I have screwed up or more true sinned so much in life so I am a expert. My simple book begins with God telling me I was too comfortable with my sin. I wrote it to encourage everyone I know. I would love the chance to encourage you. I have leveraged all I am in this season to do that. I have been yammering on my podcast. You can get it at my website I have with the help of friends finished my book called pursue. One excellent friend has helped me push it over the finish line. I believe I will be able to give it to anyone free online. The print version is way more costly than this poor man can afford. I am not doing this for my glory but for Jesus. Fame does not interest me it is garbage. I hope you have a great thanksgiving. Friends and Family my love for you grows with each passing year. As my state watches the game and I watch with a couple of great friends and Bama Fans. I hope you know I have been praying for so many of you. If I can do anything to encourage you. Please let me know.,

P.O. box 902 Cottondale, Al. 35453 or here on here. 

2 churches have been vital to this process for me. Go and visit listen to what they are saying about a Great God,

You are incredible, 


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