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I am sharing my life here at this site. I do hope I encourage you and point you to Jesus. I am now finishing my book. I have two friends who are also Pastor’s who are helping me. This book is a book about a journey.  I screw- up. You will hear it if you want to. You can listen to me yammer in a podcast. I think I have four on here now. In the future they will be at iTunes and other platforms. I am going to try and give you excerpts of the book here also.  This is all apart of my journey. I am inviting you into my life. I am praying at how on my birthday November 24th you could hear me share about some of what God has been saying to me. I am considering doing a video. This is not the kind of thing I would ever do.  God told me to leverage my birthday to encourage people. I am working to do this. On the actual day it is the iron bowl. One of the biggest days in the state. My plan is to be helping Randy and Anita Hallman serving Firemen and EMS workers on gameday. Safe Haven Church Has done this for probably 10 years. SHC Big Sandy is continuing to serve and I am looking forward to helping. I am enamored with the idea of serving others on my birthday. So if your in Tuscaloosa for the big day come give me a hug and we can talk of how great God is. Thank you for your time, and if you find this place encouraging tell others..

Your incredible,wally

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