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It has seemed that God wanted me to live less. I think it is so He can be more. It also means in a practical sense. I do have P.R.S. Pack Rat Syndrome. So, yes I have kept things I should not. I am not a hoarder. I believing hoarding happens when some tragedy stops people. I have never found a dead carcass under my junk. I have for a bit been giving away things. Things I kept for no good reason. In the mix of less. I felt like God was saying you should be mobile with your life. So I began looking for a rv to buy. I had no luck and me many scammers. I looked for an apartment with no good fortune. I looked into a mortgage and was given the advice it was not a good time with my finances. I think no’s are a good thing. I began to pray again. I prayed that God would let me see something to buy in someone’s yard. That way I could speak to a real person. Two weeks ago I had to cover for someone who had quit in Winfield. On my way nine miles outside of Northport I saw a vehicle. I turned around and went back. I wanted it immediately. I went back on Tuesday to drive it. I did research on the engine and I bought it.  I bought a Van. It is not by the river. I do like that joke and think it is funny.. I have slept in it the last two nights. It is currently in a RV Park. I was rejected by other parks when I told people I was doing this to live for God. So I could be mobile. I like to laugh, and I am funny. I also am someone who is trying to do whatever God tells him to do.  If that means sleeping in a Van so He can be more in my life. I am doing that. It brings me joy to do what God tells me to do. His way is better than mine. Read John 3:30 today. I think God is calling us out. We do not have to look exactly like everyone else. Do what God says. E is the way the truth and the life. It probably will not look like my life. I know I am different. I hope I am different to make a difference. It is not the 4 seasons, I still have trouble. I lost one of my sources of income in one phone call Monday. God Way is still the right way for me. I am praying, asking God to show me the way. To show me who to talk to and encourage. All areas of my life are His.  On November 24th it is my birthday. The Iron Bowl will be played in Tuscaloosa. I will be helping prepare meals for Firemen and Ems near the public on Campus. Come by and say hello. I would love to encourage you. Or watch a video I am putting up to talk about some of the stuff God is doing in my life. I am not doing any of this for my glory but for his. To God be the Glory for my life and yours. If I have called or texted you recently it is because God encouraged me to send a note. Also know I am praying for you. This is how my life looks when I am leveraged so He can be more. Thanks so much you are awesome..


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